Christine’s Creepy Cupcakes!

Hey everybody, Farmer’s Daughter (aka Christine) here. Before I begin my first post, let me explain something about my new user name. Our friend Justin, who used to be impressed if I boiled water correctly, began calling me farmer’s daughter every time I did anything remotely domestic. And since Yeti9000 was taken, I guess the name kind of stuck.

Most of you know how much I love to bake, so when I heard they were having a Scary Dessert contest at the LAPL Halloween party on Saturday, my heart started to race. I was immediately full of ideas and couldn’t wait to start baking.

Farmer’s Daughter mummy & monster cupcakes!

I decided on cupcakes (I know, shocking!) and looked to an old issue of Martha Stewart’s Kids magazine for inspiration. I decided to do mummies with a yellow cake and monsters with chocolate (both baked from scratch of course!), using a cream cheese frosting.

Although next time, I would probably use a butter cream frosting because it holds its shape way better than cream cheese.

Close-up on my mummy cupcakes!

The mummies were VERY time consuming, so as you can see, I only made six of those, and the rest were monsters with green frosting.

Unfortunately, we were running late (no surprise there, except that it was my fault this time!). So by the time we got to the party, they had already judged the desserts. My friend Dora, one of the young adult librarians and the head judge, was nice enough to give me an honorable mention. Thanks, Dora!

But had we gotten there earlier, I’m sure my cupcakes definitely would have made at least 2nd place, probably 1st if they tasted them too! I’m sorry, but some of those deserts were seriously lacking, although the first and third place entries were pretty cool looking.

First place cupcakes @ the LAPL Halloween Party!

The 3-D first place cupcakes are shown above, but the real gross-out star of the contest was the kitty litter cake (served with a litter scoop from an actual litter box, below) which took third place.

Yuck, I don’t know how anyone could eat that!

Second place kitty litter cake @ LAPL Halloween Party!

My cupcakes proved pretty popular though and I was happy to notice that they were the only one’s completely gone at the end of the night. So, yeah!


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5 responses to “Christine’s Creepy Cupcakes!

  1. Dan

    oh man! kitty litter cake. wow….

    your cupcakes came out great.

  2. Hey Farmer’s Daughter!

    Those mummy cupcakes are so cute! (as were the green ones).

    Years ago someone at work made one of those kitty litter cakes. Hilarious! Although for her version of cat poop, she used Almond Roca, which looked very true-to-life.

  3. Hey there Farmer’s Daughter. Your Mummy cupcakes are so adoreable! (Green ones were really cute too).Wished I could have had one.

    One of my co-workers made one of those litter box cakes about 10 years back, except that for the cat poo, she used Almond Roca, which looked exactly like cat poo that had been rolled in cat litter. Very authentic looking.

  4. Danielle

    Wow Christine, your domesticity never ceases to amaze me. Those cupcakes are cute and look totally delectable!

  5. Ginger

    Awesome job, Christine! You “Out-Martha’d” yourself with these. Exciting to read (at least I think it is) your first post.

    I agree with you on the buttercream frosting. That’s really the only type of frosting I used when I used to decorate cakes waaaaaay back in the day.

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