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Sublime Stem Stitching!

Yeah! The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived with the world premiere of our first official post under the “make” heading!

Not that we haven’t been making stuff all along, but Christine (the primary “maker” in our home) wanted the first thing up to be something really symbolic. So, pictured below is a tea towel she hand-embroidered from a pattern by stitching guru/author Jenny Hart (“Sublime Stitching: Hundreds of Hip Stitching Patterns and How-To”, “Stitch-It Kit”, etc.).

Tea Towel party, with apples!

Since Christine loves knitting like I love “Star Wars” the slogan is pretty self-explanatory, but the coolest thing about this tea towel is that Christine made it for herself! Of course, since I usually do the dishes, I’m thinking maybe this towel is really for me…hmm.

In any case, one of the biggest complaints I’ve heard — not just from Christine but from her cabal of crafty friends — is that you spend so much time making things for other people (birthdays, Christmas, baby showers, you name it) that you rarely, if ever, devote the time to making something for yourself.

And after embroidering a couple of these swinging “Purl Girl” tea towels for friends, Christine finally decided to make one for herself/us. If you look closely, you’ll notice the stitch is a bit more intricate than normal, that’s because she embroidered the towel with a stem stitch.

Tea Towel (Detail)

What’s a stem stitch you ask? Good question! I had to look it up to get it right, but traditionally a stem stitch was used to embroider the borders on classic, vintage linens and also happened to look really cool when outlining embroidered stems and leaves, hence the name. Not only is the texture bumpier, but it feels really good in your hand too and hey, anything that feels good when you’re drying dishes is a huge bonus in my book.

If you’re interested in trying out some hipster embroidery for yourself you gotta check out the kick-ass selection of patterns and products at Jenny Hart’s website: www.sublimestitching.com

After her last pattern spending spree, Christine has been banned from shopping the site (Ha, I wish!) but you should totally check it out. Enjoy!


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