I, Chenbot

Having just wrapped up its eighth, and arguably best, season on CBS this week, it is with a pair of heavy-hearts that Christine and I bid farewell to “Big Brother” and its slinky, gloriously robotic host Julie “The Chenbot” Chen!

Revenge of the Chenbot!

A staple of our summer Tivo viewing since the show first started in 2000, we have been fans of Julie Chen’s strange, otherworldly charms for years. I wish I could say I came up with her cool nickname, but someone far wittier than I coined the term Chenbot a few years back and it stuck.

Remarkably, Ms. Chen herself has come to embrace the term as her own in the past couple of years, which proves that even hot Asian robots have a sense of humor. So, good on you, Chenbot!

Anyway, Christine and I recently discovered a hilarious website dedicated to all things Chenbot with some awesome mash-up video clips of her iconic catch phrase: “But first…” and even a surprisingly wide array of logo merchandise — including the tote bag pictured below and Chenbot thong underwear! Whoa!

Chenbot tote bag!

You guys have to see this stuff to believe it…amazing! And even non-fans of the show — which is just about everybody, except for “BB” loyalists James, Tim and Wendy — will enjoy the video clips on the site. They’re pretty damn funny.

Check them out at: hhtp://www.tvgasm.com/chenbot/ and until next summer when “Big Brother” rules our Tivo once more…all hail the Chenbot!



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4 responses to “I, Chenbot

  1. We watched the finale just until the Chenbot uttered the name of the Big Brother 8 wiener (I would say “winner” if it was someone I cared for), and then immediately stopped it and deleted it off the TiVo.

    Take that, you chain-smoking, adult 12-year-old, wannabe rocker!

    The fact that Jen didn’t take this one home makes me bitter to the Jenth degree.

  2. yeti9000

    Ha! Ten points for using Jenth degree in a sentence! There are a whole bunch of other “Jen-isms” on the site I mentioned above, you should check them out. My favorite is “Weapons of mass destructJen”. Hilarious!!

  3. WENDY

    BB rocks……until season 9,
    thank goodness Dancing With The Stars
    will be picking up the slack at a fast and furious pace!
    But even more importantly,
    I finally have a computer that allows me to access
    your blog and soooooo much more.
    I say….”who cares about Jen and her ism’s”!!!

  4. yeti9000

    Oh, come on now, that’s not very jen-erous of you! Ha! You know, we might just break down and start watching “Dancing With The Stars” again too…if only to see Wayne Newton cutting a rug in his old black rug. Could be cool!

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