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Elvis 2.0

OK, I know I’m totally writing this post out of sequence, but I had to take a moment to introduce you guys to the newest member of our family. Meet our silver 160GB iPod Classic, Elvis! Officially released last Tuesday (the 4th of September) we bought ours over the weekend and have been geeking out with him ever since.

No, that is not my hand, the pic is lifted from the Apple website. I realize I could take my own pictures of our beautiful baby boy (and you can bet I will) but none could show him in all his shiny silver glory as well as this, so, thank you, Mr. Jobs.

Elvis lives!

Elvis joins our silver iPod mini, Yoda, and our beloved third generation white iPod, Gandalf. I’m sure you’re thinking two things right now…wow, what totally nerdy names, and why on Earth do two people need three iPods? Well, the answer, my friends, lies in the memory.

Elvis can store a whopping 160GB of information! Yep, One-Six-Zero! Insane! And since we long ago filled both Gandalf and Yoda, that is a big deal. See, even if we put every CD we own on there (which we are in the process of doing as I speak) we will still have a good 100GB worth of space for other fun things like videos, movies and pictures! Yeah!

The coolest new feature (for us old-school iPod-ers) is the full-color screen, which is absolutely gorgeous. And when you scroll through the album covers via the iPhone-ish “coverflow” feature, pictured below, whoa! You kind wanna marry it. It’s beautiful!

We’ll post more action pics soon, but for now, enjoy the glory that is Elvis!

Coverflow on a black iPod Classic


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