Hatch Show Print

After touring the Ryman and stopping for a snack (deep fried pickles, which I’ll discuss later) and some rocking good live music at The Stage on Broadway, we made our way towards world-renowned Hatch Show Print.

One of the oldest working letterpress print shops in America, Hatch Show Print has been a Nashville staple since the Hatch brothers first opened their doors to the public in 1879.

Hatch Show Print!

Creating beautifully handcrafted letterpress posters for everything from county fairs and wrestling matches to the classic concert promo artwork for the Grand Ole Opry shows itself, this place rocks.

Hatch Show Print promo poster outside

The super hip staff is crazy-friendly and works like, literally five feet away from you in their vast studio (pictured below) while tourists like us peruse the coffee cups, t-shirts and reprint posters in the tiny store area up front.

Inside Hatch Show Print

The place smelled of fresh ink and earthy wet wood and looking up at the classic concert posters on the wall (Dolly, Johnny, Hank, Elvis…you name it), you could almost feel the history here. There was just this vibe of cool about everything and the fact that they had a whopper of a cat (pictured below) sitting in the middle of the store only made us love this place even more.

Hatch Show Print cat!

We bought some coffee cups, keychains, and an awesome three color Johnny Cash print and when I inquired about refrigerator magnets, the gal at the register actually threw one in for free! Now I loves me some free shit, but you give me a free magnet from a super cool place like this and man alive, I’m a fan for life.

I thank you kindly, Hatch Show Print, I thank you very kindly indeed!

Hatch Show Print posters!


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2 responses to “Hatch Show Print

  1. James

    hmmmm. that last picture looks awfully familiar. Have I seen it somewhere else on this blog? 😉

  2. Tom F. Romero

    HOT DAMN , a vintage Jimmy Reeves poster!


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