Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop

Winding up our walking tour of the District pretty much where we began, we found ourselves at the legendary Ernest Tubb Record Shop on Broadway.

Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville

Scary cool Ernest Tubb statue in his record shop!

Featured prominently in movies like “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, “Sweet Dreams” and “Nashville”, the cavernous record shop is probably most famous for what took place in the back room on Saturday nights at midnight.

Grand Ole Opry regular (and I’m assuming avowed night owl) Ernest Tubb felt that the weekly show at the Ryman ended too early. So, he would hustle the Opry stars through the back doors of the honky tonks on Legend’s Corner to his record store across the street, where he kept the party going with his weekly radio show, the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree.

Original Midnite Jamboree Headquarters!

Inside the record store!

The second longest running radio program in history (behind the Opry) the show celebrated it’s 60th anniversary this past May and is a required stop for everyone who plays the Grand Ole Opry.

Like the Opry itself, the Jamboree relocated to Opryland — in the Music Valley area of town — a few years back, but the record store across the street from Legend’s Corner remains virtually untouched.

Mom & Courtney @ Legend’s Corner

The giant guitar on Legend’s Corner!

We didn’t buy any CD’s at the store, but man, what a selection! They had EVERYTHING. Tons of vinyl too.

And even though we didn’t buy any, they also carried a brand of George Jones bottled water called “White Lightening”. It was so insane, I had to find a picture on his website and post it here for you guys.

George Jones bottled water!

Isn’t that crazy? He looks like such a molester in those shades. Yikes. But, man, if I thought that would have traveled well on the plane home, I so would have bought it. Oh, well, maybe next time…



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8 responses to “Ernest Tubb’s Record Shop

  1. James

    Scary Picture of the Jones water!!!!!!!

  2. Kemosabe

    Did they have Dolly Parton milk jugs too?

    Just curious…..

  3. Laura

    What the hell do you need with George Creepy Jones’ water? Did Earnest Tubb feature in the Johnny Cash biopic?

  4. yeti9000

    Excellent marketing idea, Rob. If Dolly’s “people” decide to move on your idea, wanna split the proceeds?

  5. yeti9000

    Yeah, I think Mr. Tubb is featured in “Walk The Line” but I know for sure he appears as himself in “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, which is even cooler! Look away and you might miss her, but Minnie Pearl also appears in “Daughter”, uncredited, as herself.

  6. Tom F. Romero

    Cool, deep in “Shit Kickers” heartland. When I was on the Kitty Hawk a lot of my shipmates were southern boys. We called them “Shit Kickers”.

    They spoke fondly of this part of the nation.


  7. yeti9000

    Ha! I agree, this part of the nation rocks. Que viva los shit kickers!

  8. sharon tollin

    Just loved the history of “Ernest Tubbs” the holy grail of country record shops!!

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